Need highly functional, reliable GPS tracking for your business?

Stop unauthorised usage

Assets remain immobilised until the successful completion of a pre-start questionnaire.

Automate everything

Auto generate work orders based on machine hours, fault codes, failed pre-starts and more.

Increase visibility

Use advanced asset intelligence to see where assets are and how they are being used in real-time.

We’ve developed a system to meet the unique telematic needs of trades, construction, rental and machinery manufacturers.

GPS Tracking Truck Excavator Forklift Boomlift

Comprehensive fleet tracking
and monitoring for commercial
vehicles and assets

Track the location of all your assets in real-time on a map within our custom-built platform. See kilometres and hours, perform QR-code smartphone-based pre-starts, digitally manage your assets  maintenance and more.

Core functionality

See our powerful features in action for yourself

Ensure site safety management
with pre-starts, operator induction,
and remote immobilisation

Help stop unauthorised and unqualified usage of assets by restricting operation through immobilisation with PROSTART®.

Teletrack Prestarts
Increase visibility of your fleet

Increase visibility of your fleet
with our asset intelligence and
fleet management system

Use advanced asset intelligence capabilities to see where assets are and how they are being used remotely in real-time.

All data is kept on the system for a complete historical review, so you get full visibility on how your assets have been used in the past as well as present.

Service your entire fleet with our
automated maintenance module
(Coming Soon)

Ensure your fleet is maintained and regularly serviced, with our maintenance management system. Manage work orders, servicing schedules, parts, faults, and more. Remove the need for manual entries with our automated flows. Keep track of drivers and operators completing daily or weekly pre-start checks.

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Range of tracking devices to suit your specific needs

Whether its cars and trucks on the road, your trailer, plant on a civil site or access equipment on a construction project, we have what you need.

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Stop unauthorised usage, automate your asset maintenance, and gain complete control over your fleet.