Telematics and GPS tracking  devices - customised for your needs. Take back control of your machines.

Pre-starts: Operator access and safety management

Teletrack’s pre-start system immobilises your asset until a compulsory inspection is successfully completed. Optimise your Work Health and Safety compliance, streamline asset maintenance, and prevent damage to your assets with this simple step.

Service module: Asset maintenance

Our advanced equipment maintenance software allows detailed service management for operators and administrators. Teletrack’s asset maintenance system helps technicians ensure assets are kept in a serviceable condition.

ERP connection: Software connectivity

Integrate Teletrack with your existing ERP management software to streamline your administrative processes.

Fleet intelligence: Usage tracking & diagnostics

Fleet GPS tracking with Geofencing capabilities. Track your assets’ location and utilisation down to the hour and remotely manage your fleet from anywhere in the world.

We’ve developed a system to meet the unique telematic needs of trades, construction, rental and machinery manufacturers.

About us _________

Our telematics and tracking solutions are tailored to your business and its needs.

Whether you hire your equipment and vehicles out or you’re trying to keep a track of your own internal fleet, Teletrack is here to help. With our telematics solutions, you can take advantage of GPS location tracking, remote access and real-time operational information that give you insights and full control over your resources.

Teletrack was founded by those working in the industry experiencing the challenges of operating large fleets.


Tier 1 & 2

Trades &





All Lift is Teletrack's founding client. They was able to use our GPS telematics software to rectify rental leakage and improve their business operations.
Hex Hire is a large rental company supplying plant equipment to trades, subcontractors and civil construction companies in Melbourne.
Teletrack has long been helping Brisbane Access, a subsidiary of Botany Access in Sydney.


Telematics is a term that refers to the use of technology to collect and transmit data related to vehicles, machinery or assets. This data can include everything from GPS location and speed to engine performance and fuel efficiency. For example, telematics can help businesses track fleet vehicles, improve routing and scheduling, and reduce fuel costs. Additionally, telematics can also be used to troubleshoot mechanical issues, and stay up-to-date on maintenance needs. 

Teletrack is a cloud-based platform with mobile, tablet and desktop responsive views meaning you can access the tools you need wherever you are.

Fleet management systems have proven to be well worth the investment through its intelligence capabilities. Having telematics devices fitted to your assets collects information about how they are being used, in combination with a fleet management system your business has unique insights allowing inefficiencies to be uncovered.

Mobile phones don’t offer all the business benefits of a telematics system. Telematics systems help fleet managers address a variety of business-critical issues, from compliance with current safety regulations to fuel consumption and maintenance. Teletrack is a well-designed telematics system that can help you manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money.

Telematics is simply the combination of telecommunications and informatics – the science of processing and storing data. For fleet managers, a GPS tracking system provides an efficient and secure way to monitor their vehicles and drivers. With the ability to track location in real-time, fleet managers can dispatch new jobs quickly and ensure that their vehicles are always on the right track.

It’s understandable that drivers might feel uncomfortable being monitored. However, it’s important to make sure to communicate your policy on driver monitoring and how it respects their privacy. By taking the time to address these concerns, you can help put your drivers at ease and create a more positive work environment for everyone.

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