A car GPS tracker means you never have to worry about theft again

Key Features

Real-time location 24/7

Our custom built map allows you to view the location of your cars in real-time, with seamless location updates, so you can always be sure where your car is. Our software provides accurate and up-to-the-minute information.

View past routes

From the moment you begin tracking, you will have access to insight into each of your vehicle's movements every day. Every route taken previously can be recalled for review at any time, regardless of how long ago it was first driven.

Anti-Theft with Remote Immobilisation

With the push of one button you can remotely immobilise your car, ensuring that it cannot be started or driven away by anyone who steals it. This simple step allows you to feel much more secure when parking up, reducing the risk of theft and giving you peace of mind.

Setup Geo-Fence perimeters

Easily setup Geo-Fence perimeters which act as an invisible barrier which will notify you right away if your car is no longer in your pre-determined area.

Be alerted when services are due

You can completely customise your alerts, giving yourself notifications every 10,000km or every 6 months, whichever comes sooner. This way, you'll never be late for a service and your car will continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Learn more about our Maintenance Module here.

Hour and usage tracking

You can monitor various aspects of how your vehicle is being used, including the amount of speed, acceleration and braking. These detailed metrics allow you to further understand the overall performance of your car, so that you can make more informed decisions based on real data.

Speed monitoring

You can track whether a driver is within the law when it comes to speed limits, and can also analyse historical data from journeys already taken. This allows parents of young motorists, fleet managers, or anyone else with an interest in a car's performance, to be certain that the vehicle is driven safely and responsibly.

Tracker Options


Starting from just $15/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing a GPS tracker in your car is relatively simple, and depends on the type of tracker chosen. If you opt for a battery-powered solution, you can place it anywhere inside the vehicle without needing to install it; however, if access to remote control immobilisation features is desired, then installation will be necessary and should be carried out by a professional. Typically this involves connecting the tracker to the relay found in the starter motor circuit, as well as a wire to the ignition system so the status of the ignition can be determined.

Of course! Whether you have a one or a few personal cars or an entire fleet, all of your vehicles can be managed within the Teletrack platform.

With the soon-to-be-launched Maintenance Module, you can configure customised workflows and automations that are suited to your individual driving habits and preferences.

Whether you choose to receive alerts when reaching 10,000km driven, a certain amount of hours used, or a time frame such as 6 months – it is entirely up to you. Utilising data from the tracker device, the platform is able to accurately keep track of performance indicators for seamless implementation of all your custom automations. 

We’re an Australian based company, with all of our engineers and staff right here and able to offer local real-time support. Our support extends from general questions on how to use the platform, all the way to custom feature requests. We’re very friendly and always happy to help.

We are available for in-app messaging all day, every business day to answer any questions you might have.

For safety reasons, the car will not suddenly stop mid-drive, however as soon as the car engine gets turned off it will not be able to be started up again.

Having a GPS tracker installed in your car could reduce your insurance premiums, however it is completely dependent on your insurance provider so you’ll need to check with them to be certain. 

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