GPS Trailer Tracker: real-time location and monitoring for efficiency

Know exactly where your asset is with a real-time trailer GPS tracker

A GPS tracker is a must-have for anyone with trailers. Having peace of mind that you can always track your trailer’s location and detect any suspicious movements is invaluable. This security measure not only protects your assets but also prevents theft and enables you to manage a fleet of trailers more effectively.

With real-time updates, you will know who has trailers and how long they have had them – allowing you to easily manage rentals without the troubling possibility of theft looming over you. Whether it’s a single or multiple asset tracking, a GPS tracker ensures your trailers can be monitored safely.

Why your trailer should have GPS tracking

Key Features

Real-time location 24/7

Our custom built map allows you to view the location of your trailers in real-time, with seamless location updates, so you can always be sure where your trailer is. Our software provides accurate and up-to-the-minute information.

View past routes

From the moment you begin tracking, you will have access to insight into each of your trailers movements every day.

Setup Geo-Fence perimeters

Easily setup Geo-Fence perimeters which act as an invisible barrier which will notify you right away if your trailer is no longer in your pre-determined area.

Tracker Options


Starting from just $15/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Whether you have a personal trailer or an entire fleet of trailers, all of your assets can be managed within the Teletrack platform.

We’re an Australian based company, with all of our engineers and staff right here and able to offer local real-time support. Our support extends from general questions on how to use the platform, all the way to custom feature requests. We’re very friendly and always happy to help.

We are available for in-app messaging all day, every business day to answer any questions you might have.

Having a GPS tracker installed on your trailer could reduce your insurance premiums, however it is completely dependent on your insurance provider so you’ll need to check with them to be certain. 

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