Simplify your fleet and asset maintenance with our digital platform

An asset maintenance platform
for all levels of asset management

Our advanced equipment maintenance software allows detailed service management for operators and administrators. Teletrack’s asset maintenance system helps technicians ensure assets are kept in a serviceable condition. It’s a flexible and straightforward way to help your business control costs, improve asset performance and reduce downtime.

Service Technicians

An asset maintenance system with detailed service history and automated work orders to help technicians keep machinery in serviceable condition.

Fleet Managers

Teletrack dashboard helps fleet managers proactively plan asset maintenance processes by monitoring ideal conditions for optimal uptime and service levels.

Machinery Operators

Minimise risk and maintain construction site safety. Operators can retrieve an asset’s service status via a QR code, ensuring it is in service before operating.

Our Maintenance Module simplifies asset maintenance and servicing across all areas of your construction or fleet management business.

Detailed digital service history all in one place. Automate work orders and service reminders to optimise machine safety. Achieve ideal uptime and service levels by monitoring asset data.

Complete visibility on when your assets need servicing

Our Maintenance Module is a comprehensive solution for keeping your machines running smoothly. 

The platform is accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop views, so you can monitor your machines and access work orders from anywhere.

You can customise work orders for your specific business needs, receive alerts directly to your phone or email, automatically assign work orders to appropriate technicians, and review everything in digitally kept history logs.

Automate work-orders based on custom conditions

Create custom automations for a multitude of conditions such as a failed pre-start, or every 900 machine usage hours. This enables you to proactively maintain your equipment, ensuring that your machines are always operating at peak performance. 

Our Maintenance Module reduces administrative workload and optimises your asset servicing processes by automating work orders to service technicians. 

Teletrack can automate:

  • Auto-service reminders based on hours used, kilometres reached, or time of year.
  • Automatic work orders of failed processes and damaged parts. 
  • Automatic work orders when operators fail a pre-start safety check, will full detail on the fault logs.
  • Weekly inspection checks and maintenance sheets.


Service automation saves your business time, money and risk. Keep your assets functioning at optimal levels and your business operating in line with work health and safety guidelines with Teletrack.

24/7 remote alerts, notifications and critical reminders

Set up 24/7 remote alerts on critical equipment to be notified via email or text message (SMS) when assets are in need of urgent attention.

Ensure minimal asset downtime and reduce administration with service reminders. Be alerted as soon as an asset goes into service or has a work order created against it.

Notifications and reminders can be customised to your asset’s needs, based on usage hours, kilometres and fixed time intervals.

Tags throughout the Teletrack platform let you know exactly which machines are in service, have critical faults or need attention so that you retain complete visibility at every touchpoint. 

Digital logbooks and records of your asset’s maintenance history

Teletrack’s asset maintenance tracking provides a detailed digital logbook of machine use: all your assets’ service histories are stored in one place.

All checks, services, inspections, parts, faults, pre-start outcomes, file uploads and photos are kept in a completely digital historical log within the Teletrack platform.

Never worry about losing logbooks, difficult to understand handwriting or missing information again.

With Teletrack, you can keep job-site safety at the forefront, ensuring that only serviced assets are operated at any time.

Digital History Logbooks of Servicing Data

All Features

Servicing Work Orders

Servicing work orders can be customised to meet the specific needs of each asset. Different work orders can be assigned to different assets, and parts and part packages can be assigned to work orders.

Faults Work Orders

Fault work orders detail the specifics of the damage reported, fault codes registered or the specific questions that failed during a pre-start questionnaire, complete with photos and details.

Weekly Inspections & Maintenance Sheets

Inspection and Maintenance Sheets can be completely customised for each asset and automatically generated daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Customisable Work Orders

Each type of work order is completely customisable with different question types: task items; pass, flag or fail; multiple choice; number input; photo evidence and more depending on your requirements.


Work orders can be automatically generated from a wide variety of custom conditions, in addition to automatic deadlines, notifications and reminders.


Save time by saving your work orders as templates for reuse across multiple assets, with varying conditions.

Parts & Inventory Management

Manage parts and part packages, their location, stock levels, part numbers and more in extensive detail.

Upload External Parts

Import your existing parts directly into Teletrack from CSV files.

Digital Log Books

All checks, services, inspections, parts, faults, pre-start outcomes, file uploads and photos are kept in a completely digital historical log within the Teletrack platform.

Cloud Based

The Maintenance Module is cloud based, so you can access it anywhere at any time without needing to install any software to your computer or mobile device.

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Friendly

The platform has been designed with mobile and tablet usage at the forefront, so you can access what you need to from wherever you are.

Unlimited, Personal Support

Our entire team is based locally in Australia and available via in-app messaging all day every business day to answer any questions you may have.

Multi Technician

Work orders can be automatically or manually assigned to single or multiple technicians as required.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts and notifications can be setup to send via SMS or email, with the ability to notify the technicians assigned as well as any additionally listed staff members.

Upload External Service Documents

If a service has been carried out by an external contractor, you can upload the service history log directly into our platform and assign it to a specific asset.

Extensive Reporting

Generate reports on everything from average days for service completion, to average amount of faults lodged.

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Simplify your fleet and asset maintenance with our digital platform

Frequently Asked Questions

The Maintenance Module is in the final stages of development and testing. We are aiming to launch in January/February 2023. 

To stay updated with our release date you can join our mailing list by entering your email address in the sign up field at the very bottom of this page.

Some automation examples are:

  • Create a work order every 500 machine hours
  • Create a work order every 1000km driven
  • Create a work order when a fault is logged
  • Create a work order when a pre-start fails
  • Create a weekly inspection order every 7 days
  • Create a yearly inspection order every 365 days

Asset maintenance is the term used to describe the various tasks and activities undertaken to keep machines, equipment and other physical assets in good working order. By maintaining assets on a regular basis, businesses can avoid costly repairs or replacements, and ensure that their products and services are delivered to customers in a timely and efficient manner. There are a number of different types of asset maintenance, but some of the most common include preventive maintenance, repair and replacement, and condition-based monitoring. 

We’re an Australian based company, with all of our engineers and staff right here and able to offer local real-time support. Our support extends from general questions on how to use the platform, all the way to custom feature requests. We’re very friendly and always happy to help.

We are available for in-app messaging all day, every business day to answer any questions you might have.

Absolutely. The Maintenance Module will extend on your existing Teletrack account. When the module is enabled, your existing assets will automatically be given the new features and functionalities.

We don’t delete any data on our platform, which means you can access service history from the day you add your first asset to the platform. 

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