Advanced fleet intelligence combined with GPS and telematics

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Teletrack’s advanced fleet intelligence system uses GPS and telematics capabilities to provide actionable insight into your assets’ usage, performance and safety. 

GPS Tracking Truck Excavator Forklift Boomlift

Usage Tracking & Full Diagnostics

With a Teletrack GPS tracking device, you can monitor the live location of every vehicle, attachment and piece of equipment in your fleet, at all times. The Teletrack live dashboard displays your assets’ live location and maintenance status, and stores detailed historical tracking data so you can trace back your assets’ movements. 

Teletrack stores detailed asset utilisation data about each vehicle in your fleet. Track utilisation visually by time period, location, customer and more, or view individual usage events. 

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Asset control

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Teletrack notifies you when your assets are operating outside their regular capabilities. Our fleet intelligence system uses a GPS tracking device to detect and notify you with:


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