Secure your forklifts and telehandler assets with a Teletrack GPS tracker

If you’re a forklift or telehandler operator, it’s time to toss your outdated paper log books aside

Teletrack GPS tracking systems bring much more than just improved asset location and visibility to the table.

Not only can you quickly locate your  assets when needed, but also help manage maintenance and performance, keep assets secure from damage/theft, and generate detailed reports for better decision making. Our platform is changing how operators do business, boosting efficiency, productivity and safety across the board.

Key Features

Real-time location 24/7

Our custom built map allows you to view the location of your assets in real-time, with seamless location updates, so you can always be sure where your assets are. Our software provides accurate and up-to-the-minute information.


Teletrack’s pre-start system immobilises your asset until a compulsory inspection is successfully completed. Operators scan a QR code on your asset and answer a series of questions. If the outcome is successful they may operate the machinery. Learn more about pre-starts here.

Anti-Theft with Remote Immobilisation

Assets remain immobilised until an operator logs in and the pre-start safety questionnaire has been successfully completed, confirming your asset is safe to use.

Setup Geo-Fence perimeters

Easily setup Geo-Fence perimeters which act as an invisible barrier which will notify you right away if your asset is no longer in your pre-determined area.

Ensure only qualified operators use your assets with DriverID

Restrict access to assets based on qualification and authorisation, monitor detailed records of asset usage and keep operators accountable.

Hour and usage tracking

You can monitor various aspects of how your forklift is being used, including the amount of idle time, acceleration and braking. These detailed metrics allow you to further understand the overall performance of your assets, so that you can make more informed decisions based on real data.

Digital Logbooks

All checks, services, inspections, parts, faults, pre-start outcomes, file uploads and photos are kept in a completely digital historical log within the Teletrack platform.

Maintenance Module

Inspection and Maintenance Sheets, Work Orders and Service Orders can be completely customised for each asset and automatically generated daily, weekly, fortnightly, every 900 hours or 5000km, whichever your prefer with our Maintenance Module.

Teletrack Map View Real-Time GPS Tracking Stats

Asset Intelligence

Learn more about our Asset Intelligence capabilities

Maintenance Module

Learn more about asset servicing with our Maintenance Modul

Tracker Options


Starting from just $15/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing a GPS tracker on your assets is relatively simple, and depends on the type of tracker chosen. If you opt for a battery-powered solution, you can place it anywhere inside the asset without needing to install it; however, if access to remote control immobilisation features is desired, then installation will be necessary and should be carried out by a professional.

Typically this involves connecting the tracker to the relay found in the starter motor circuit, as well as a wire to the ignition system so the status of the ignition can be determined. For additional functionality such as fault code reporting, the tracker gets connected via the CANBUS.

Of course! Whether you have one Forklift or an entire yard full, all of your assets can be managed within the Teletrack platform.

Pre-Start checks are an essential element of asset management, but it is the flexibility and customisation that makes the process even more valuable. Pre-Starts help you better manage risk by allowing you to set requirements for certain questions or checks that are essential before an asset can be used. If a Pre-Start fails, you can set it so that the asset remains immobilised and unable to be used by an operator.

Going one step further, when used with our Maintenance Module, you also have the ability to generate a fault or service work order automatically in response to failing checks – making sure faulty assets are well maintained without risking safety of personnel or wasting time.

Definitely. With our DriverID capabilities you can specify exactly what licence or qualification is required to operate your assets. If an operator doesn’t have the required qualification they are prompted to upload it, otherwise they are unable to use the machinery.

If an operator doesn’t have the required qualification they are prompted to upload it, otherwise they are unable to use the machinery.

We’re an Australian based company, with all of our engineers and staff right here and able to offer local real-time support. Our support extends from general questions on how to use the platform, all the way to custom feature requests. We’re very friendly and always happy to help.

We are available for in-app messaging all day, every business day to answer any questions you might have.

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