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Why a Pre-Start System is so important in the construction industry

Pre-start systems are important for safety in construction and fleet management businesses. They ensure that equipment is properly prepared before it’s operated, which helps to avoid accidents. Lets take a closer look at pre-start systems and what they do.  Awareness of workplace hazards According to SafeWork Australia’s 2020 report for

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Why traditional PIN-based keypads are a disaster on job sites

New forms of technology are constantly being developed and adopted into construction sites, whether it is to increase overall productivity or improve safety standards amongst employees. Currently, the latest advancements have centred around machinery and equipment safety. Such advances include laser and camera-based systems for construction exclusion zones and automatic

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teletrack_tracking equipment inventory

How to track equipment inventory

Some businesses treat equipment management as an afterthought. However, those companies are usually surprised once they get around to adding up the costs of their equipment losses and operating inefficiencies.  Improved asset tracking can help your organisation cut inefficiencies, reduce losses, and extend the lifecycle of each piece of equipment.

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teletrack-GPS tracking

How does GPS tracking work

GPS technology is one of the most remarkable inventions of our time. As technology advances, more fleets around the world are turning to it for driving directions and vehicle tracking.  What is GPS tracking? GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The system consists of a network of satellites orbiting the

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Fleet Tracking Apps: Must-Have Features To Consider

Fleet tracking apps are a handy and powerful solution for fleet managers. Whether you hire your equipment and vehicles out, or you’re trying to keep track of your own internal fleet. Mobile apps allow fleet managers to use GPS tracking and remotely access real-time operational information that provides insights and

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