Case study:  Provide significant savings

Case studies
Brisbane Access

Teletrack has long been helping Brisbane Access, a subsidiary of Botany Access in Sydney.

How does Brisbane Access use Teletrack?

Working with Teletrack’s GPS tracking and fleet intelligence platform has increased onsite safety and provided significant savings for the company, and they are a prime example of just how well Teletrack can integrate with your business to improve your bottom line.

Teletrack insurers recommend a tracking solution on all your plant equipment for hire and provide discounts to policyholders that can implement GPS tracking on their fleet and prevent the risk of theft.

What issues have been resolved by Teletrack?

Brisbane Access have a rollout of Teletrack GPS trackers in their fleet to track asset location, monitor hours of operation and generate detailed usage reports to identify instances where an asset may be being used when it shouldn’t. This information helps managers to recover revenue from typical hire leakage scenarios, such as overuse, misuse and late payments. Rectifying these issues dramatically increases company margins.