Case study:  Taking back control

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Hex Hire

Hex Hire is a large rental company supplying plant equipment to trades, subcontractors and civil construction companies in Melbourne.

How does Hex Hire use Teletrack?

Plant equipment hire can be a costly business to be in. Because plant equipment is a high theft risk asset, insurance premiums are high and can drain valuable financial resources that can be better spent on growing your business.

Teletrack insurers recommend a tracking solution on all your plant equipment for hire and provide discounts to policyholders that can implement GPS tracking on their fleet and prevent the risk of theft.

What issues have been resolved by Teletrack?

The Teletrack GPS tracking system uses a small tracking device fitted to each asset to keep track of its location. The tracking devices send information to our Teletrack servers and display unique data for each asset on the Teletrack fleet intelligence dashboard on a real-time map. Our advanced software enables Hex Hire to track their plant equipment from the minute assets leave the yard, until they are returned and loaded onto the premises. 

Trackers can send out SMS alerts when an asset is not where it should be or someone is attempting to remove a tracking unit. In fact, our asset intelligence product helped Hex Hire identify and recover stolen plant equipment after a report was generated from the system and sent to the Victorian police on multiple occasions. 

Fleet intelligence and GPS tracking can save your business valuable time, money and resources. All information about assets and operations can be accessed on our web portal for fleet managers, contractors and owners; streamlining the way you do business and helping you collect important data about your fleet.