Protect your civil construction business and simplify your workflows with Teletrack.

Our intelligent fleet management system helps your business keep track of machinery usage remotely. We use vehicle telematics and a highly intuitive web app for GPS tracking to monitor the use, safety and location of your fleet at all times. 

Teletrack tells you everything there is to know about your fleet of construction equipment, and doubles as a safety management system so you can avoid liability and risk on your job sites.

Advanced fleet intelligence so you can monitor your equipment from anywhere

Teletrack’s revolutionary fleet intelligence software remotely tracks every movement of your assets. Track operation hours, fault codes and location via a user-friendly live map view that you can access from any device. 

Your asset managers can generate reports on demand and on automated schedules for strategy and analysis, helping you make data-driven decisions about your fleet. 

Plus, set up custom SMS and email notifications that alert you when your assets aren’t performing as normal. Some of these instances could include:

  • An operator has bypassed or failed a safety pre-start
  • The GPS tracker battery is low
  • The asset has been out of reception or out of communication with the servers for over 24 hours
  • The asset has logged an impact alert
  • The tracker has been tampered with 
  • The asset is travelling outside of its defined Geofence boundaries

Ensure your machines are in service with the Teletrack service module

Teletrack’s asset maintenance add-on streamlines your workflows and services processes, allowing you to manage the servicing of your assets with ease. Keep track of servicing processes across multiple locations and contracts so you can optimise uptime and reduce costs. 

Our preventative maintenance capability integrates machines’ usage hours into your service schedule, generating automatic work orders for your service technicians daily.  

Managers and service technicians have all the necessary information about each asset’s service history, all in the Teletrack app. The service module records all asset maintenance data into a detailed digital logbook of machine use and service history for each asset. In the same logbook, service technicians can log checks, services, inspections, parts and faults into the Teletrack dashboard to build a full history of your assets’ maintenance, with full image capability.

Be proactive in your asset maintenance. With Teletrack’s service module, fleet managers can: 

Automate customised work orders and service reminders based on previous data and asset lifecycle.
Set up 24/7 remote alerts for critical asset faults.
Collaborate with service technicians to consolidate your workflows, improve asset performance and reduce downtime. 
Ensure only fully operational assets are enabled at any time. Asset service status is accessible to operators via QR code, allowing them to check before enabling an asset that it is in service and safe to use.  

The Teletrack service module collects detailed asset data so you can start improving conditions for optimal uptime and service levels. Streamline your servicing processes and eliminate the unnecessary costs of unplanned repairs, overtime and reactive

Teletrack’s pre-start system optimises construction safety on every job site

Teletrack’s pre-starts are a revolutionary safety protocol in the civil construction industry that gives project managers the ability to remotely monitor compliance with OHS, from anywhere.  

Ensure work health and safety practices are being followed, reduce the risk of injury and liability and protect your construction equipment with Teletrack.

Our fully-managed service supports the set-up of your Teletrack pre-start system from start to finish. We provide your business with tailored construction site and operator inductions, ongoing live assistance and site-specific induction videos to enforce the proper use of your assets, in line with guidelines set by Safe Work Australia. 

With Teletrack pre-start, every asset is automatically immobilised until an approved login and digital pre-start safety check have been successfully completed. Only then will the machinery power on. 

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