Machinery OEMs

Teletrack is the ideal partner for machinery OEMs looking to develop unique value propositions for construction and fleet management industries.

We have extensive engineering and technology project management experience, combining our revolutionary Teletrack software with TrakaX as a hardware partner, to increase safety, reliability and insight into your product innovations. 

Advanced fleet intelligence: Innovate for your customers based on real, everyday use

Remove the guesswork from your future developments. We use GPS and telematics capabilities to provide actionable insight into asset usage, performance and safety. 

Teletrack’s extensive fleet intelligence software instils your innovations with real-time everyday usage data so you can make informed decisions about the problems your customers need solved. Follow equipment throughout their lifecycle and gain insight into real-life case studies of product use. 

Everything you need to know about how each asset is used in real-time, right here with Teletrack.

Fleet GPS tracking

Find out exactly how operators are using machinery with Teletrack’s live GPS tracking and telematics. 

Teletrack’s dashboard allows OEMs to:

  • Visually monitor a live map location of where each machinery type is used;
  • Track asset utilisation data: asset movements, diagnostic information, maintenance status, hours of use, distance travelled, and more;
  • Detailed historical tracking data to create an extensive picture of asset utilisation;
  • Navigate and separate data by asset type, site, and more;
  • Export data into Excel or presentation-ready PDF usage reports;
  • Set custom notifications for faults, errors and required maintenance.

A rich bank of asset utilisation data can inform future OEM innovation based on consumer needs. Pinpoint issues more rapidly and deliver advanced technological solutions with Teletrack. 

J1939 and CANBUS 2.0 fault codes

Partnering with TrakaX, Teletrack is able to read diagnostic fault codes and asset statistics from its CANBUS lines. Coupled with our hardware and software engineering teams we are able to accommodate unique requests and requirements. Simply provide us with your custom library of fault codes and we can make it available in the platform for end users.

Whitelabel partnerships

Teletrack’s platform as a whole is available for selected partners wanting to provide a unique branded experience. Working alongside our marketing partner AS Digital and trademark firms, we make it a simple process to create and deploy a new unique differentiating brand. For example, LGMG Australia with their REDLIFT brand and All Lift with All Connect.

How can we help you?

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