Material Handling

Upgrade your logistics management workflows with our highly intuitive software. 

Traditional telematics systems come at great expense with limited functionality and complex installation requirements. The Teletrack Material Handling solution leverages the power of the cloud, 4G networks and smartphones to bring high-functioning telematics at an affordable cost.

Teletrack offers a unique solution for material handling in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and construction sites. We strive to provide a higher level of service and support to our customers based on their requirements.

Monitor and restrict who can access assets such as forklifts and telehandlers - with Teletrack pre-starts

With Teletrack’s revolutionary pre-start system, you can oversee the use of your assets remotely and restrict access only to qualified operators on serviceable equipment. We fit each of your assets with a Teletrack Pre-start & Driver-ID kit that consists of a QR code, iButton reader and set of iButtons, coin-sized identification devices with unique IDs.

Every approved operator of your asset is inducted into the pre-start system in the same way. 

  1. Operators begin the induction process into the Teletrack app by scanning a QR code and completing a digital registration form
  2. The supervising manager or designated health and safety manager verifies their qualifications or licence(s) and approves access
  3. A unique iButton or keycode is registered to the operator, with login details the operator will use to access the Teletrack web application. 
  4. The next time the asset connects to the platform, it will update its list of authorised IDs to include the newly inducted operator. 
  5. When an operator wants to use an asset, they use their iButton or scan a QR code with their smartphone to log in and retrieve the pre-start safety check questionnaire.

To complete a pre-start check, operators use their smartphones to log in via QR code and complete an image-based questionnaire. Each operator is also issued with a unique Teletrack Driver-ID (either RFID, iButtons or keypads), so you can see exactly who is logging in at any given time. 

Teletrack pre-starts keep your operators, business and assets safe:

  • Gain greater control over who has access to assets with one Teletrack login per operator 
  • Operators must complete the pre-start safety questionnaire to confirm the asset is safe to use 
  • Operators can report damage or faults with an asset by taking photos
  • No need to hand out access codes that can be shared around. Operators receive email & SMS with unique login details
  • Remotely control access and restrict user permissions based on qualification

Teletrack’s advanced fleet intelligence helps ensure the optimal security of your assets, operators and business

Managers can use the Teletrack platform to monitor the safe and appropriate use of all assets. 

View usage logs, pre-start questionnaires and control access based on qualifications and management preferences. Plus, each Teletrack GPS tracking device fitted to your assets provides notifications of events such as harsh cornering, acceleration, braking and impact. 

Teletrack keeps your operators accountable. Every piece of data visible in the Teletrack platform is connected to a unique Driver-ID. 

Explore what else Teletrack’s fleet intelligence can do for your warehouse or construction site:

  • Monitor the live map location of every vehicle, attachment and piece of equipment in your fleet, at all times
  • View live information about your assets such as maintenance status, hours of use, distance travelled, and more
  • Remotely immobilise assets with the click of a button
  • Track historical usage information about your fleet so you can trace back each vehicle’s movements

Upgrade your asset maintenance processes with Teletrack’s service module

Teletrack’s advanced equipment maintenance software simplifies service management across all types of material-handling enterprises. 

Warehouse and construction site managers can use the Teletrack dashboard to plan and monitor ideal conditions for optimal uptime and service levels. Streamline your servicing processes and eliminate unnecessary costs with Teletrack.

Our service module records all maintenance data into a detailed digital logbook of machine use and service history for each asset. Service technicians can log checks, services, inspections, parts and faults into the Teletrack dashboard to build a full history of your assets’ maintenance, with full image capability.

Be proactive in your asset maintenance. With Teletrack’s service module, material-handling businesses can: 

  • Automate customised work orders and service reminders based on previous data and asset lifecycle.
  • Set up 24/7 remote alerts for critical asset faults.
  • Collaborate with service technicians to consolidate your workflows, improve asset performance and reduce downtime. 
  • Ensure only fully operational assets are enabled at any time. Asset service status is accessible to operators via QR code, allowing them to check before enabling an asset that it is in service and safe to use.  

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