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With Teletrack, you can ensure that your assets are always under your control and care, even when they are out of sight. 

The asset rental industry has always been front of mind for Teletrack. Now a leading provider of fleet intelligence, telematics and reporting, we began in 2019 as a pioneering software platform built for fleet GPS tracking and detecting rental leakage. 

Since then, Teletrack has expanded to service an array of other industries, with technological developments that give rental companies an extra edge when it comes to telematics. Our key offering for rental companies has become the pre-start system, securing the safe use of your assets at all times. Plus, take advantage of our revolutionary fleet intelligence platform that provides complete visibility over the utilisation of your assets. 

Our goal is to provide you with confidence that your assets are being constantly monitored, with the added benefit of real-time valuable insight into their performance and maintenance. 

Teletrack’s advanced fleet intelligence for rental companies

Everything you need to know about your fleet, right here with Teletrack. 

Teletrack’s advanced fleet intelligence system uses GPS and telematics capabilities to provide important insight into your assets’ usage, performance and safety. 

With Teletrack’s fleet intelligence platform and GPS tracking device, rental fleet managers can: 

  • Monitor the live map location of every vehicle, attachment and piece of equipment in your fleet, at all times
  • View real-time data about your assets such as maintenance status, diagnostic information, hours of use, distance travelled, and more
  • Remotely control and monitor asset usage, such as remotely immobilising assets or moving assets between sites 
  • Track historical asset utilisation data about your fleet so you can trace back each vehicle’s movements
  • Organise utilisation data visually by time period, location, customer, asset category, and job site, or view individual usage events. 
  • Retrieve attachment usage summaries using Teletrack’s proprietary algorithms
  • Convert stored data into custom usage reports for analysis and strategy 
  • Download custom usage reports to monitor compliance with agreed hours and days of use
  • View daily asset usage reports to summarise daily activity, including pre-start and Driver-ID usage summaries

Plus, be notified when your assets are operating outside their regular capabilities. Teletrack’s fleet intelligence uses a GPS tracking device to notify you of critical complications with your asset. Teletrack can detect: 

  • Asset travelling outside its defined Geofence boundary
  • Low power or minimal reception
  • Theft and asset tampering
  • Asset impact
  • Pre-start failures
  • Pre-start overrides if an operator uses an iButton, RFID or keycode override to bypass pre-start safety checks

All the information you need for seamless asset management is at your fingertips with Teletrack’s fleet intelligence. We help you take your rental company to the next level. 

Manage your rental company’s fleet maintenance with the Teletrack service module

Teletrack’s advanced equipment maintenance software simplifies service management across all areas of your rental business model.

Rental companies can use the Teletrack dashboard to plan and monitor ideal conditions for optimal uptime and service levels. Streamline your servicing processes and reduce the unnecessary costs of unplanned repairs, overtime and reactive maintenance.

The service module records all asset maintenance data into a detailed digital logbook of machine use and service history for each asset. Service technicians can log checks, services, inspections, parts and faults into the Teletrack dashboard to build a full history of your assets’ maintenance, with full image capability.

Be proactive in your asset maintenance. With Teletrack’s service module, fleet managers can: 

  • Automate customised work orders and service reminders based on previous data and asset lifecycle.
  • Set up 24/7 remote alerts for critical asset faults.
  • Collaborate with service technicians to consolidate your workflows, improve asset performance and reduce downtime. 
  • Ensure only fully operational assets are enabled at any time. Asset service status is accessible to operators via QR code, allowing them to check before enabling an asset that it is in service and safe to use.  

Teletrack’s pre-starts - a fully managed safety platform to protect your rental company

Teletrack’s revolutionary pre-start system allows you to remotely control the appropriate use of your assets. Ensure work health and safety practices are being followed, reduce risk of injury and liability and protect your asset with Teletrack.

Our fully-managed service supports the set-up of your Teletrack pre-start system from start to finish, including tailored construction site and operator inductions, ongoing live assistance and site-specific induction videos to enforce the proper use of your assets. 

With Teletrack pre-start, every asset is automatically immobilised. An approved login and digital pre-start safety check are required to power on. The pre-start check is easily retrieved via QR code and completed via smartphone, verifying the asset on hire, licensed operator login, and successful image-based safety questionnaire based on common workplace health and safety risks. 

Teletrack pre-starts protect your business and your assets, with

  • Automatic alerting feature if an asset has gone out of range or is being misused;
  • Multilayered set of security features and anti-theft measures;
  • Automatic collection of the operator and pre-start questionnaire data;
  • Restricted operator access based on secure login, qualifications and management hierarchy.


Reduce and even stop unauthorised and unsafe usage of assets on construction sites, and monitor the ongoing condition of your equipment with Teletrack’s pre-start. 

Seamlessly connect your customer and contract data with Teletrack’s ERP integration

Easily connect your existing rental platforms to Teletrack’s fleet intelligence system, with seamless, automatically-triggered API integrations. Once Teletrack is integrated into your rental platforms, our highly intuitive user interface makes it easy to begin automating and monitoring fleet intelligence, asset maintenance and customer data. 

Teletrack provides a range of connectivity interfaces so you can streamline your asset management data with the customer and contracting platform of your choice:

  • Web service APIs (AEMP) help integrate your chosen ERP with the Teletrack platform. More efficiently manage your customers and assets with rich notifications that push asset information, location tracking and service history straight into your Teletrack system.  
  • Fully compatible with Point of Rental Syrinx and MCS. Our integration software allows telematics data captured by Teletrack to be uploaded straight into your Point of Rental Syrinx or MCS system. 

Keep track of your rental assets in rich detail by overlaying Teletrack’s telematics and fleet intelligence with your ERP’s customer and contract data. Take advantage of GPS location tracking, remote access and real-time operational information that give you deep insight and full control over your resources. 

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