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Support your trucks and transport business with our revolutionary fleet GPS tracking and telematics software.

 Teletrack can help you to maintain your fleet’s optimum efficiency and safety at all times, providing actionable insight into your assets’ usage, performance and safety. 

Track the location of your fleet, and ensure drivers are making deliveries safely and on time. Use the map view screen to monitor vehicles in real-time, and set up automated reports and notifications so you never need to dig through a convoluted system for important information. 

Everything you need to know about your transport fleet, right here with Teletrack. 

Visualise your fleet of vehicles and trucks with live map view

Monitor your fleet at a glance. Teletrack places your live GPS location tracking on a simple map view so that you can manage your entire fleet of vehicles from one place. 

With live map view, fleet managers can utilise the: 

  • Fleet GPS tracking of all vehicle movements, usage, and up-to-date vehicle statistics
  • Stored history of vehicle usage, including location, kilometres, hours used and other measurements 
  • Live map updates to monitor real-time positioning of every vehicle
  • Navigation by category: customer, site, vehicle, attachments and more
  • Smart usage statistics to detect time vehicles spend in transport versus ignition
  • Attachment usage summaries using Teletrack’s exclusive proprietary algorithms

Stay on top of your fleet’s activity at all times

Teletrack notifies you when your vehicles are operating outside their regular capabilities. Our fleet intelligence system uses a GPS tracking device to detect and notify you with:

  • Geofence notifications if a vehicle travels outside its defined boundaries 
  • Low battery notifications if GPS trackers are low on power 
  • ‘No communication’ notifications if a tracker has been out of reception for more than 24 hours
  • Power disconnections if Teletrack detects theft or vehicle tampering
  • Vehicle impact alerts
  • Daily asset usage reports to summarise daily activity

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