Teletrack Information

Why Teletrack?

Combing the power of telematics and the technological prowess of GPS tracking, Teletrack offers an all-in-one package to keeping your business and its assets running smoothly no matter the time or place. Be it remote immobilisation of stolen machinery, full usage tracking and diagnostics of your assets or integration to you favourite APIs, Teletrack offers it all and some extra at a reasonable price.

Australian-owned & Operated

Pre-Start and Site Induction Demo

The Pre-Start system and Site Induction demo allows businesses to interact and view first-hand how Teletrack enforces mandatory safety inspections and routine examinations within the workspace.

Asset Intellegence Brochure

Our revolutionary technology is ideal for businesses that require detailed information on their fleet and other assets. With a Teletrack device fitted to your machinery, our platform will collect usage history, fault codes, battery levels & more.

Pre-Start Brochure

The Teletrack Pre-start safety solution for construction equipment is a revolutionary new way to ensure operators only use what they are licensed and allowed to use. All equipment on a Teletrack mandated jobsite is immobilised requiring a login and digital safety check on a smartphone before use.

Driver-ID Brochure

Teletrack Driver-ID solves many common problems on job sites by only allowing assets on hire to be activated, and only qualified and authorised operators to use them.

Material Handling Brochure

Traditional telematics systems come at great expense with limited functionality and complex installation requirements. The Teletrack Material Handling solution leverages the power of the cloud, 4G networks & smartphones to bring high functioning telematics at an affordable cost. 

How can we help you?

Talk to us today about your business and its specific telematic solution needs. Together we’ll find a custom option to suit, and you can experience a demo for free.

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