The benefits of tracking your excavator on job-sites in Australia

As the construction industry continues to grow in Australia, it’s important for companies to have complete visibility and control over their assets. This is where our GPS tracker for excavators comes in, offering a comprehensive solution for job-site management and security.

With Teletrack’s GPS tracker, you’ll be able to track the location of all your excavators in real-time on our custom-built platform (and soon within our custom built IOS app). You’ll have access to important information such as kilometres, hours of use, operators, pre-start outcomes and real-time location making it easier than ever to manage your assets’ maintenance and utilisation.

One of the biggest concerns for construction companies is theft. We understand this and offer an extra layer of security with our remote immobilisation feature. Remote immobilisation ensures that your excavators will be immobile until a pre-start questionnaire is successfully completed.

Our QR code-based Pre-Start system makes it simple for operators to log the necessary information before using your assets. All they need to do is scan the QR code attached to the asset and complete a series of questions. The questions may include physical checks, logging photos, noting any damage, and adding any additional notes if necessary.

Upon successful completion of the pre-start questionnaire, the asset will be mobilised and ready to use, giving you peace of mind that it’s in good condition before it’s put to work. An asset that fails a pre-start will remain immobilised and the site managers or contact specified will be immediately notified. This streamlines the pre-start process, making it quick and easy for operators, while ensuring your assets are in top condition before use.

Teletrack Prestarts
Teletracks Pre-Start Questionnaire

The DriverID feature ensures that only qualified drivers use your excavators. You can restrict access to assets based on qualification and authorisation, monitor who has started an asset and when, to keep operators accountable. This provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring your assets are being used properly.

With Teletrack, you’ll also have access to a digital logbook, where all checks, services, inspections, parts, faults, pre-start outcomes, file uploads, and photos are kept in a completely digital historical log within the platform. This makes it easy to track the history and maintenance of your assets, improving your overall management and control.

Lastly, Teletrack allows you to easily set up Geo-Fence perimeters, which act as an invisible barrier that will notify you right away if an asset is no longer in its predetermined area. This provides peace of mind and helps you to stay informed about the location of your assets at all times.

The Teletrack platform is a complete solution for job-site management and security in Australia. With real-time tracking, remote immobilisation, smartphone-based pre-starts, Geo-Fence perimeters and digital logbooks, you will know everything you need to know about your excavators and other assets, ensuring they are safe and being used effectively.

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