Why a Pre-Start System is so important in the construction industry

Pre-start systems are important for safety in construction and fleet management businesses. They ensure that equipment is properly prepared before it’s operated, which helps to avoid accidents. Lets take a closer look at pre-start systems and what they do. 

Awareness of workplace hazards

According to SafeWork Australia’s 2020 report for work-related injury and fatality statistics, machinery operators and drivers had the highest fatalities by occupation (8.3 per 100k).

  • Labourers had the highest number of serious claims made by occupation (27,090)
  • The construction industry was responsible for 12% of all serious claims made
  • Construction had an incident rate of 15.2 serious claims per 1,000 employees
  • 36% of Serious claims were a result of body stress, 23% were from slips, trips, and falls
  • 72% of all serious claims were a result of an injury

Using these statistics is important to recognise risks and raise awareness of workplace hazards.


What is Pre-Start Checks?

Pre-start checks can assist companies to identify and repairing minor problems before they cause more serious problems or accidents e.g. brakes, lights and steering operate correctly, and checking oil or water levels to ensure the machine operates correctly. 

Pre-start checks should also confirm that the operator has the required licence or training to use the equipment.


Why choose Teletrack Pre-start System?

Teletrack ensures that your equipment is safe to use by having it undergo routine inspections before every job starts. This way, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements for parts that might be needed later on down the line due this process being comprehensive enough with its pre-start checks

The benefits don’t stop there though! Teletrack also helps businesses stay compliant in states which require them make certain types of safety assessments when acquiring new supplies from outside vendors

  • Gain greater control over who has access to assets with one Teletrack login per operator.
  • Operators complete a smartphone image-based questionnaire to confirm the asset is safe to use and can report damage by taking photos.
  • Enforced automatic smartphone-based inductions & asset operation competency check/questionnaire.
  • No need to hand out access codes. Operators receive email & SMS of login details.


How to streamline and improve safety compliance for your pre-starts

Companies need a way to streamline their business operations and increase productivity. One common solution is the use of software that’s designed specifically for pre-starts. 

Here at Teletrack, we understand the importance of safety in the workplace. That’s why we’ve developed a telematics solution that gives construction operators greater control over who has access to assets and how they are used. Our system is designed for ease of use – no need to hand out access cards or fiddle with passwords. All you need is a smartphone and our app. 

Download Teletrack Pre-Start brochure to learn more or try how Pre-Start works today.

To learn more about how Teletrack can help your business stay safe and compliant, please  contact us today . We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a tailored solution that meets your unique requirements.

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