Demo our Pre-Start system

To the right is a live demonstration of our Pre-Start platform. You can follow the gold flashing indicators to click and navigate your way through the demo pre-start.

This process is what you would see after scanning a QR code attached to a machine or asset. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Teletrack’s pre-start system works when one of our trackers is installed on a machine or asset. 

The asset is then immobilised, with a unique QR code applied to the outside of the asset. When an operator scans the QR code, they are presented with a custom made inspection questionnaire.

The operator must complete this questionnaire in order to mobilise and start using the asset.

If a pre-start fails, the asset remains immobilised and managers are alerted. With our new Maintenance Module you can also automate the creation of work orders based on failed pre-starts.

You can learn more about our pre-start system here, and more about our upcoming maintenance module here.

Pre-start questionnaires are completely customisable, allowing you to create different series of questions for different assets or for different job sites, depending on your unique requirements.

There is no limit to the amount of questions you can have.

When an operator scans a Teletrack QR code that is fitted to an asset, they see the below items that relate to that asset:

  • Registration options
  • Login options
  • Servicing history
  • Pre-start history
  • User manuals
  • Other documents uploaded to the asset

We’re an Australian based company, with all of our engineers and staff right here and able to offer local real-time support. Our support extends from general questions on how to use the platform, all the way to custom feature requests. We’re very friendly and always happy to help.

We are available for in-app messaging all day, every business day to answer any questions you might have.

We don’t delete any data on our platform, which means you can access service history from the day you add your first asset to the platform. 

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Pre Starts make site and machine safety the number one priority