Choose the right GPS tracker for your EXCAVATOR

But DON’T make these mistakes…

In the world of heavy equipment, there are few pieces of equipment as widely used as the excavator, and its components surpass their mechanical nature, serving as the keystone of heavy equipment performance. Their meticulous maintenance and attentive care are imperative for achieving profitability. 

But with a growing fleet, teams to manage, and log books to fill out daily, it can become a tedious task to juggle the management of operations and not miss oversight of crucial machine maintenance. The optimal performance of your excavator is directly influenced by its overall efficiency, productivity, and safe operation of the machine.

This is where GPS tracking machinery such as your excavator comes into light; by using telematics to track your assets, the opportunity to streamline other processes comes into play by providing deeper oversight the technology can fully optimise the management of your fleet. 

Thus, GPS tracking requires careful consideration, as innovation in the technology transcends geographical positioning of where your assets are and where they have been. Telematics digs deeper, it can automate the process of tracking maintenance by reducing the risk of costly damage and downtime on a machine. 

Additionally, WHS (Work, Health & Safety) can be taken a step further by the implementation of a pre-start solution, making sure operators take that extra step to ensure the machine is safe to use by a qualified licensed operator, preventing unauthorised usage of your machinery and that all logs are stored digitally (removing the common room for error experienced by paperwork logging).

This synergy of solutions can all come together through data analysis (BI Reports) to reveal a visual oversight of what is really happening and where things can be improved; you can now better allocate resources where it is truly needed to keep your business operating like a well-oiled machine, as you know it’s not just the engine and hydraulic system – every piece matters.

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