System updates to Asset/Fleet Intelligence November 2023

Message from our director on changes to our Asset/Fleet Intelligence product on the Teletrack platform.

In software, something can always be done better; innovative ideas often come from our clients; we listen and get things done that create the biggest positive impact on people’s use of the system.

New updates to the Teletrack system were released this week.

– Map View UX improvements
– Platform performance improvements (we handle a lot of data)

In map view, when viewing your assets on a map, it should be noticeable that there are a few changes. The circles are no longer, and now the pins show the asset’s location and reference name.

Slight changes in what the colours of the new pins mean:

  • Purple: pre-starts enabled.
  • Flashing purple: the asset is operating, and a pre-start has been completed.
  • Flashing red: the asset is immobilised, or if pre-starts are enabled, the asset pre-start has been overridden.
  • Flashing blue: the asset is being moved on a tilt tray, or a battery tracker asset is being moved (coming out later this week).
  • Green: the asset has communicated to the server in the last 24 hours.
  • Flashing green: the asset is operating.
  • Yellow: Teletrack hasn’t received any messages from the asset in more than 24 hours.
  • Flashing yellow: Teletrack hasn’t received any messages from the asset in more than 72 hours.

Coming soon will be the name of the operator using the asset (if they pre-started or used Driver-ID such as an iButton or keypad pin code sign-in).

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