Why use a digital pre-start system on your fleet?

The process of managing fleets in Australia is super meticulous. Every little thing needs to be efficient so the business makes money, but also to keep drivers and the public safe. One really important thing is doing pre-start checks. but why are these so crucial? And how does locking down vehicles until the checks are done make fleet operations better? Let’s break it down. and

A pre-start check is basically inspecting a vehicle or equipment before using it. This routine makes sure all the machinery and vehicles in a fleet are working right and safe to use. These checks aren’t just a good idea – they’re required by a lot of Australian regulations.

Locking down vehicles until pre-starts are done has some big benefits:

  1. Safety first! Immobilizing vehicles prevents accidents by ensuring nothing is being used until its confirmed to be in good, safe condition.
  2. Things run smoother. A vehicle that’s regularly checked pre-start is less likely to break down, so operations keep flowing and downtime is reduced.
  3. Following the rules. Australian regulations say these checks must be done and immobilizing vehicles acts as a safeguard against accidentally breaking the rules.

Learn more about the Teletrack pre-start system and how it can help your fleet by booking a consultation with one of our sales engineers.

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