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Choose the right GPS tracker for your EXCAVATOR

But DON’T make these mistakes… In the world of heavy equipment, there are few pieces of equipment as widely used as the excavator, and its components surpass their mechanical nature, serving as the keystone of heavy equipment performance. Their meticulous maintenance and attentive care are imperative for achieving profitability.  But

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TrakaX GPS Tracker in development

Telematics vs GPS tracking what is the difference?

In Australia, we often use brand names to describe a particular type of thing. For instance, Bobcat is a skid steer, Posi Track is a track-wheeled front-end loader, and Panadol is paracetamol. GPS tracking is no different because GPS (Global Positioning System) is a single technology owned and operated by

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Forklift fitted with a Teletrack GPS tracker and pre-start kit.

GPS tracking for forklifts

If you are on the lookout for GPS trackers or telematics for your forklift, it first best to understand what your needs are. Is it anti-theft, get analytics on its usage, pre-starts, maintenance tracking or restrict operation? Anti-theft on forklifts Forklifts, depending on size, capability, condition, usage, and accessories, can

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Why use a digital pre-start system on your fleet?

The process of managing fleets in Australia is super meticulous. Every little thing needs to be efficient so the business makes money, but also to keep drivers and the public safe. One really important thing is doing pre-start checks. but why are these so crucial? And how does locking down

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How to Maximise your Fleets Efficiency with Telematics

How to maximise your fleets efficiency with telematics

In the fast-paced world of fleet management, efficiency is everything. Whether it’s about fuel consumption, driver behaviour, or asset utilisation, the smallest optimisations can lead to substantial savings and improved operations. With telematics, the tools for such efficiency are right at your fingertips. This powerful technology provides unprecedented insights into

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The future of telematics and GPS tracking

The Future of Telematics and GPS Tracking

Is there more to telematics than GPS tracking and fleet management? This question, often on the minds of industry professionals, underlines the transformative potential of these technologies. Over the years, telematics and GPS tracking have reshaped the landscape of asset management, bringing efficiency to operations across many sectors, especially in

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How to Prevent your Construction Machinery from Theft

How to protect your construction machinery and prevent theft

In the construction industry, the risk of equipment theft casts a long and unnerving shadow. Recent incidents in Brisbane, where an excavator and a bobcat were stolen from different sites, have once again shone a spotlight on this issue. Fortunately, these machines were recovered, but not all stories end this

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8 Ways GPS Tracking Boosts Productivity in Your Business

Businesses and individuals constantly seek ways to improve productivity, streamline processes, and maximise efficiency. One technology that has become increasingly popular over recent years is GPS tracking. While many people associate GPS with simply providing directions, the technology has evolved significantly and now offers numerous benefits that can help improve

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