GPS Tracking: 4 benefits that can help you and your business operate efficiently

The 4 benefits of GPS tracking

The construction industry is always looking for new ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. One high-tech solution that is gaining popularity is the use of GPS tracking systems like Teletrack on work sites.

GPS tracking fleet and asset management systems have a long list of benefits that can help you and your business operate efficiently. A GPS tracking solution can help fleet managers with many things such as reducing fleet maintenance cost, optimising fleet output, preventing asset theft, and improving overall operational safety. All these benefits help save businesses money and time while improving the fleet’s operations. Below, we will explore the top four benefits of GPS tracking systems like Teletrack in further details.

1. Reduce expenses

GPS tracking systems helps businesses reduce their expenses in several ways. For example, by collecting data on asset mileage and ignition run time via the Teletrack platform, fleet managers are able to automatically schedule preventative maintenance on vehicles that are exhibiting extensive wear and tear. With such continuous upkeep, the likelihood of asset failure is decreased and a complete reduction in future expenses.

Asset-tracking using Teletrack can also further help to reduce expenses by giving businesses the ability to track their assets in real-time and on-the-go. The information sourced from GPS data can be used to create asset utilisation reports that show how often each asset is being used and how long it remains in a single location. By understanding which assets are being used most regularly and which are sitting idle, businesses can better optimise their asset utilisation and maintenance schedules.

2. Improve Efficiency

GPS tracking systems can help businesses increase their output and maximise their efficiency. In order to prevent unnecessary, lengthy downtime, platforms like Teletrack can help managers identify potential problems before they occur, this can help managers to better schedule services and repairs to keep your equipment running at its fullest capacity. Teletrack’s asset tracking can even further reduce downtime between faults and services using its own inventory system. This inventory system automatically orders parts where parts may be low and in demand, allowing you to attend to more crucial matters.

3. Prevent Theft

Another benefit of GPS tracking systems is that it can help to prevent fleet vehicle theft. By knowing the location of all fleet vehicles at all times, managers can quickly identify when a vehicle has been stolen and take steps to recover it. Systems like Teletrack provides such advanced features and functions that make it even more difficult for thieves to tamper or steal assets. For example, fleet managers can create geo-fences or ‘virtual barriers’, in and around areas where machinery is operating so when an asset leaves its designated area, the asset will become immobilised notifying the fleet manager through instant notifications. Utilising the Teletrack platform, assets can also be immobilised freely by a fleet manager, where there’s suspicion of potential theft or tampering of an asset’s ignition system.

4. Driver and Asset Safety

Finally, Teletrack can also be used to help maintain driver and asset safety. GPS data from the device can monitor the speed and routing of all machinery, allowing fleet managers and authorised persons to identify unsafe driving patterns and take corrective action where needed. In the event of an emergency, GPS tracking can help first responders locate your assets and get them to safety. This also applies in hazardous areas such as flood zones, where relief can be coordinated appropriately in order to retrieve assets and people. In addition, GPS tracking data within Teletrack can be used to investigate accidents and near-misses, helping to improve safety on the worksite and for all involved. Teletrack can also be used to track the maintenance history of a machine, ensuring that it is properly serviced and repaired in compliance with minimum specifications and regulations. This decreases the probability of irreparable breakdowns or any on-site casualties.

As you can see, there are many benefits of GPS tracking systems like Teletrack for fleet and asset management. By reducing costs, improving efficiency, preventing theft, and promoting worksite safety, Teletrack can provide a valuable tool for any business that relies on a fleet of assets.

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