GPS tracking devices for civil, machinery, material handling, rental, trades, construction and transport.

Who We Serve.

Teletrack's telematics technology serves various industries with car, vehicle and equipment GPS tracking devices and more. These include rental equipment companies, trades, and the building and construction industry.


Protect your civil construction business and simplify your workflows with Teletrack.
Our intelligent fleet management system helps your business keep track of machinery usage remotely. We use vehicle telematics and a highly intuitive web app for GPS tracking to monitor the use, safety and location of your fleet at all times.

Machinery OEMs

Teletrack is the ideal partner for machinery OEMs looking to develop unique value propositions for construction and fleet management industries.

We have extensive engineering and technology project management experience, combining our revolutionary Teletrack software with TrakaX as a hardware partner, to increase safety, reliability and insight into your product innovations.

Material Handling

Upgrade your logistics management workflows with our highly intuitive software.

Traditional telematics systems come at great expense with limited functionality and complex installation requirements. The Teletrack Material Handling solution leverages the power of the cloud, 4G networks and smartphones to bring high-functioning telematics at an affordable cost.

Rental companies

The asset rental industry has always been front of mind for Teletrack. Now a leading provider of fleet intelligence, telematics and reporting, we began in 2019 as a pioneering software platform built for fleet GPS tracking and detecting rental leakage. 

Trades and subcontractors

Teletrack was developed from the very beginning as a revolutionary system for rental companies servicing the building and construction industry.

By making the Teletrack pre-start system mandatory in your arrangements with subcontractors, you’re using Australian technology to make job sites safer and protect your equipment from damage. With Teletrack, you’re always in control. Find out about our plant assessors, excavator trackers and more.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Construction

Teletrack is the best available safety partner to have on your construction site in Australia.

Our advanced telematics and fleet management platform affords your construction site the ability to remotely manage plant, access equipment and other assets, down to the smallest of details.


Support your transport business with our revolutionary fleet GPS tracking and telematics software.

Teletrack can help you to maintain your fleet’s optimum efficiency and safety at all times, providing actionable insight into your assets’ usage, performance and safety.

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