Fleet Tracking Apps: Must-Have Features To Consider


Fleet tracking apps are a handy and powerful solution for fleet managers. Whether you hire your equipment and vehicles out, or you’re trying to keep track of your own internal fleet. Mobile apps allow fleet managers to use GPS tracking and remotely access real-time operational information that provides insights and full control over your resources.

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS (Global Positioning System) fleet tracking is the implementation of fleet management software with GPS devices that track the location of your vehicles. This enables fleet managers to collect data regarding vehicle usage and real-time location of their drivers.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) tracking is also a common term within the industry. This system tracks mobile devices, such as phones or tablets, but can also be used in fleet tracking systems.

Choosing a Fleet Tracking App

As a fleet manager, you’ll want to take advantage of modern technology to make management a little easier.

To track your fleet assets, you’ll first need to choose a local telematics device provider, like Teletrack. Teletrack is operated exclusively within Australia, and was founded by those working in the industry experiencing the challenges of operating large fleets. Our integrated hardware and software solutions work on all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, allowing you to remotely monitor or restrict their usage, automatically mandate pre-start checklists, and diagnose issues off-site.

Must-have features for a Fleet Tracking App

When it comes to choosing a suitable fleet tracking app, it should offer:

1. Real-time communication

As a fleet manager, your goal is to be as proactive as possible – that’s why communication with your on-site team is a must. Real-time fleet updates will keep fleet managers informed of locations while facilitating real-time communication between you and operators in the field. Full disclosure of usage also allows you to scrutinise the way lessees are working, and identify and issues as they arise.

2. Geofencing

Geofencing ensures that your equipment or vehicles are only being used within the boundaries intended. Geofencing allows vehicle operation within an invisible line, with the option to automatically disable vehicles if they’re being used outside of it. Geofencing not only acts as an anti-theft tool or to alert hire companies to their agreements being breached, but can also track the times that equipment arrives and leaves job sites, letting you monitor your team’s real working hours.

3. Safe job sites/pre-starts

A good system should enforce and facilitate pre-start inspections, disabling the machine’s function until these routine examinations are completed satisfactorily. This means that equipment is safer to use, with less likelihood of failure or the exacerbation of underlying problems that require expensive repairs.

4. Easy-to-use

A constant struggle for fleets is finding technology that is easy to implement and use across the team. Even the least tech-savvy person on your team should be able to operate a fleet management app. As a result, before deciding on a fleet tracking app, take the time to go through its features and test its functionality. 

Teletrack lets you experience a demo for free, so that you can have a better understanding of the app before putting it to use.

5. Data syncing with fleet management software

You should have access to your most important tracking information for each of your fleet assets on both the web-based software and your mobile phone app. Additionally, location data sourced from telematics devices should be available on your fleet tracking app in real-time.

6. More than just location tracking

While location tracking is a useful feature, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Fleet managers can do so much more with a fleet tracking app, if it offers innovative and practical features. 

Additional features can include keeping track of asset usage and engine/motor hours, remote disabling or facilitating pre-start inspections.

Find the right fleet tracking solution for your business

So, how do you know which solution is right for you and your business?

Our telematics and tracking solutions can be tailored to your business needs. Talk to us today about your business and its specific telematic solution needs. Together we’ll find a custom option to suit, and you can experience a demo for free.

This article was written by AS Digital – a full-service marketing agency.

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